What is a flipped classroom?

Want a concise explanation of what a flipped class room is and how to do it?  Check this out from a couple of the innovators of the flipped class room, Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann.  Handy for me as they both teach chemistry!

My first introduction to a flipped class was after finding their site learning4mastery site last year thanks to Zoe Heggie (ex-ISM ES teacher).

Want to get tweets all about the flipped class room? Follow #flipclass.  Thanks to Ben Paulson for that one.

9 thoughts on “What is a flipped classroom?

  1. This is an interesting idea and one that I have heard of before. I’d love to hear from some PE teachers who have tried the same thing. If we made up videos of rules to games for the students to watch outside of class time we could start there.
    Do you have trouble with students not watching the videos before class?

  2. I’ve just had a look at the number of videos those Chem teachers have put together for their class. Looks very labour intensive to start with. Can videos be used from year to year with only minor updates or would teachers using this method be constantly creating videos or their classes?

  3. I’m not a PE teacher but having your classes watch the rules before even coming to class would be a great way to save time and devote the class to more valuable activity. I am a mere novice at this yet and so am only just getting to the point where I’ll actually set the video for homework. In fact I ‘ll be able to let you know tomorrow morning as I’ve had my HL class watch two videos about an experiment that they will carry out in tomorrow’s lesson; if they have not watched them they will be completely lost!

  4. Love the flip class approach Chris – It makes so much sense! I imagine the set up would take some time, but once the videos have been created teachers will have documented an archive of content delivery, which both students/ teachers can refer to at any time. Im reminded once again of the importance of making connections with students. I wholeheartedly support the fact that students need us “to help them out to understand content, not to deliver content”. Thanks!

  5. I feel like I have just started teaching for the first time…even after having been doing the same job for 22 years. The flipped classroom has revolutionized the working relationship I have with my students.

    What I am surprised about is how the flipped classroom is promoting stronger student involvement and participation in their own learning. A traditional teacher led classroom reaches far too few students. The flip allows students to learn in their own time at their own pace as many times as they need. Surely that is empowering for students.

    I am not surprised that Jon (from Innovative Learning) had such a high pass rate as well as getting through the course in two thirds of the time. This has significant implications for our HL subjects here, where we struggle with time constraints of the IB program. I think the flip should be something to be encouraged in these circumstances.

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  7. I like that they call it” an eight-ring circus of learning”. I think it’s important to understand that the classroom model has eveolved and moved away from traditional classroom set ups. Thanks for the links to the videos!

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