Experiment: Vanadium, its oxidation states and electrode potentials

Here is the experiment we will do tomorrow, Thursday 14th Feb.


REDOX; electrode potentials

Peeling Paint
Click on the link below to see the presentation for class.

There are also all the worksheets, notes and homework combined into one pdf document (thanks to R Grime of course!):-

and here are a set of review questions

and here is a typical IB past paper question:


OK let’s all get started with some serious review (if you havent already!).  I’ll post IB Paper 1s each week (multiple choice).  You will find them here on the Review page on my blog.  Try the tests with or without your notes (up to you)….I can then collate results from class using Flubaroo and can then focus any class review better.

NMR spectroscopy: my absences

While I am away you need to get busy working on nmr.  Please make sure that you work through the exercises in the Option A booklet.  If you get stuck please see if anybody in the class can help; I am sure  somebody will be able to figure it out!

Here is the PowerPoint we looked at in class today:

Chemguide also explains the complexities of High res nmr very well.